The vision of the Hourglass Project is to learn how to use the time we have in ways that are satisfying and provide us with a well balanced life.  When I was visualizing how I wanted to work on my own transformation I first thought of the trifecta of well being – nutrition, sleep, and activity.  As a mental health counselor, I know the importance of keeping these three aspects of our lives in balance.  Research shows that when we increase physical activity, eat a well balanced diet, and get adequate sleep, our symptoms of anxiety and depression can be significantly reduced.  I am well aware of the downward spiral that I personally experience when these elements are thrown off kilter for any prolonged amount of time and the importance of quickly becoming aware of their offset in order to achieve balance.


But, even when these three elements are in balance, there is still more needed to reach a feeling of happiness.  To me, these three pieces are simply the base in which we can build a happy and fulfilling life.  The second piece of the puzzle is another trifecta; one I consider to be the trifecta of happiness – mind, body, and soul.  It is by keeping our mind, body, and soul nourished with positive activity and stimuli that we are able to reach our full potential.  Feeding our minds through positive thought, reading, daily affirmations, conversations, meditation, puzzles, and games we keep this amazing control center active and agile – ready for anything we encounter.   By learning to love our bodies regardless of size or shape and beginning to treat it as the prized possession it is, we are better able to make healthier choices in sustaining and improving our bodies from a state of well-being rather than one of vanity.  And lastly, by nourishing our soul through love, spirituality, and genuine human connection we are able to feel fulfilled in our lives.


Reflecting on the two trifectas, I realized that it is my belief that the balance of these two triangles is what leads us to a healthy and happy life.  I was taken aback by the visualization of the two triangles balanced upon each other – one rightside up and the other turned upside down – which created an hourglass shape; an hourglass, which symbolizes time passing.  And I was struck again, that within the hourglass shape we find a diamond center; a diamond, a precious stone and the hardest naturally occurring substance.  So it is when we find balance among all six of these elements we find ourselves within the diamond center of our lives – the most precious and most solid.  If you are at the diamond center of your life, how can you not thrive?



There it is – the concept of the Hourglass Project.  I’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you look deeper into how the imbalance within the six elements could be keeping you from living your best life.