Poems of Motherhood


I believe creativity needs to be stoked in all areas of life. So today, rather than an article or story, I share with you three poems that I wrote about motherhood. I hope you enjoy!


Time to Go

20 minute countdown

You announce to all.

Not a flinch from the children

As you make your call.


“Did you hear me?” you say

To your daughter and son.

They nod and continue

To play and have fun.


The seconds tick by

And turn into minutes.

You announce “15 to go

You’d better get with it”.


You leave the room

to get yourself dressed

And upon returning you see

That the kids are a mess.


No shoes are on,

No jackets in sight,

Every toy on the floor

You’re ready to fight.


But you keep your calm

And say “We’ve got to go!”

And they fire back

“Why didn’t you tell us so?”


Well there goes your temper,

You lose your cool.

You’d think today

Was the first day of school.


“We do this daily”

You say with a tone.

So they know you mean business,

You put down your phone.


“Every morning you get dressed

And ready by eight

So we can be out the door

Without running late…


You know the drill

You don’t need me to tell you

It has been the same routine

Since you were age two!”


The shouting continues

Everyone’s mad

And you think to yourself,

“Do they do this for dad?”


You continue to nag them

Until they’re ready to leave.

You make it to school

by the skin of your teeth.


You made it! Success!

You give kisses goodbye.

You take a deep breath

And let out a sigh.


You start heading home

Knowing this isn’t the end,

Tomorrow morning

It starts all over again.


Then your smile spreads wide

And the stress fades away.

Because you realize with joy

Tomorrow’s Saturday.



The Elusive Cup of Coffee

Oh coffee coffee

In the pot

How I wish I could drink you

When you were hot.


My cup of Joe

Sitting all day.

Let’s warm you up

In the microwave.


Yet you sit again

You are such a tease.

Can I just have you all

In one sitting please?


It’s the end of the day

I pour you out with sorrow.

Knowing full well I will

try again tomorrow.


Murphy’s Law

Have you met Murphy?

A good friend of mine.

A charlatan, trickster,

And stealer of time.


He’ll bait you and trap you

And get you to play.

His games always spin off

In the most inopportune way.


You see, he has created a law

Which is his all alone.

A law that affects you

Once you are grown.  


And if you’re a mom

You are surely in luck,

Because Murphy likes to play

With your offspring like such.


If you stay up too late

on a Friday night,

He’ll wake your child at dawn

With no nap in sight.


If you are running behind

For an appointment at noon,

He’ll instigate a tantrum

Before even leaving the room.


Meltdowns, spills, and blowouts

That rub you raw,

Are the tell tale signs

Of one “Murphy’s Law”.


So watch out for him

Because he is waiting for you,

When something is important

A game will ensue.  



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    Love these! They gave me a chuckle and a smile! ?

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      Thank you!!! So glad you enjoyed.

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