Life’s Twists // Our Ever Changing Journey Through Life


Life has kept us busy and provided some interesting twists and turns on what we thought was our set trajectory at this point in our lives.  Each time I sit down to write I am pulled away by some other force.  In the past month alone we’ve met the challenge of both dogs being ill (back to back), losing two loved ones, and school recessing for the summer.  Needless to say, I have found my ability to complete a coherent article challenging.  

I had completed one article which I planned to post in early June, but the contents of the article were completely irrelevant by the time that I was going to post it.  This is how much our lives have changed as of late.

To explain…roughly three months ago my husband was in the works to renegotiate his work contract.  As a result we were under the solid impression that he would have remote work capabilities as long as he was close enough to be present for essential face to face meetings.  We decided that we would start looking at some of the surrounding areas outside of DC, including Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia since the cost of living in DC itself is so high.  I researched various areas within a given radius and found some key areas that had good school systems and affordable housing.  My husband and I decided that we would take the summer to check out various areas by taking day and weekend trips.

On our first day trip we decided to check out a small beach town in Maryland.  We had no set agenda.  We were simply going to drive around, grab some lunch, and perhaps walk on the beach for a bit so that we could get an idea of the area.  We had decided that if we liked the area we would take a weekend vacation there to better learn about the location. As we entered into the town we found ourselves at a traffic light and hadn’t yet figured out on the GPS were we were going.   We decided to follow the majority of the traffic and take a left until we figured out a destination point.  We quickly realized that everyone making a left was headed into the marina and that it was a dead end. We decided to turn around in the small neighborhood to the right of the marina.  As we did so, we saw an open house sign and I asked if we could – for curiosity sake – check out the home.  My husband agreed.  We saw the realtor outside placing the sign into the ground and asked if the house was open.  She nodded and told us to follow her inside; we were the first to arrive.  There was a small set of stairs from the front entryway to the main floor and before he even got up half of the flight my husband said something in the spirit of, “Let’s make an offer”.  I looked at him like he had lost his mind.  We knew nothing of the home – not the price, number of rooms, condition of the property, etc.  But with each step up the stairs as the view of the water came into view he continued to repeat himself.  The home was breathtaking.  It was quaint, but open and offered direct views of the bay directly outside the wall of sliding glass doors.  The doors opened onto a patio that provided lulling sounds of the water crashing into the shore and that calming ocean breeze.  It was breathtaking.

I found out the specifics about the house and after spending a good amount of time walking through the house, the neighborhood, talking with the realtor, and even meeting neighbors, we left the home with excitement flurrying and decided to find a local restaurant for lunch and crunch numbers.  My husband and I agreed we would make an offer on the house.  We drove around the town a bit and landed at a small beach where we played in the water for a bit and ate snacks before heading home.  Upon our arrival back we talked to our lender, got our pre approval letter and connected with a realtor.  Within 24 hours we had an offer in and an accepted contract on the house.  It was unbelievable.  We went through inspections and negotiated a bit more and felt really comfortable with the final contract.  We were set to close in just under 3 weeks and were excited to settle down into our new home on the water.

The whole experience felt crazy and surreal.  We couldn’t believe how good our fortune was.  But then, things began to slowly unravel.  Terms of the negotiations seem to be changing daily and elements that seemed secure starting feeling like quick sand under our feet.  We started to really analyze the decision we were making in regards to the new moving parts.  At first we felt like we could be flexible and make it through these variances.  The house was beautiful and it felt so right, but as the pieces continued to move quicker and without predictability, we started to second guess our decision.  We had a tiny window to rescind our offer and we started thinking that we may have to actually use it.  And then, the final linchpin was pulled in the negotiations and my husband, with my total support, decided it was time to walk away from his job, which meant without question, we had to walk away from this house.

So, within a week we went from figuring out the logistics of moving, to being unemployed without any idea of where we were going to live and no true idea of future employment on the horizon.  We took a leap of faith based on our priorities, morals, and values.  At the end of the day I need my husband to be happy with his job and not feel resentful towards the home we buy.  We talk often about our decision and question at times if we acted out of fear, but the reality is that a home is a huge commitment.  If we had tied up our savings into the purchase of the home, my husband may not have been able to walk away from a situation that felt wrong.  So perhaps it was fear, or perhaps it’s faith.  The faith that this was not the plan for us, just a diversion to help us make the necessary steps to propel us in the right direction.  Leaving a job that he has had for nearly 15 years was not an easy decision, but yet he had the courage to do so.  And after all, it was only a house- there are other houses out there.

Within the past month since he has left his job we have both worked on trying to find different employment and business opportunities.  I’ve had the good grace to pick up some freelance jobs which has been helpful in bringing in some income and my husband has had some promising leads of his own, but for now we are still in limbo and simply trusting that life always seems to work itself out as long as we continue to walk forward with our heads high, a positive attitude, and simply trust the process.

We’ve resigned our lease and seem to be staying put, at least for the moment, but I’m excited to see where this experience leads us. For now though, we are thoroughly enjoying the extra time together as a family – and honestly, I’m excited that it may put Colorado back on the list of possibilities.  😉

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  • Reply Paige 07/05/2017 at 11:53 pm

    Something great is going to come from this! I just know it!


    • Reply Jess 07/06/2017 at 9:18 am

      Thank you! I’m definitely learning to live a little more in limbo, but I am excited about what may come to be 😉

  • Reply Dawn Goodwin 07/07/2017 at 7:47 am

    Hey Jess I always enjoy reading about your going on’s. A lot happening, looks like you are finding your direction! Love you, Aunt Dawn

    • Reply Jess 07/20/2017 at 7:42 pm

      Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragement. Love and miss you! xoxo

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