Back to Life // Recovery Update


It has been roughly two and a half months since I wrote last.  It would be an understatement to say that life has kept me busy.  But this is a great thing, because I feel like I am back to normal.

The healing process from the surgery was a greater feat than I had anticipated both physically and financially, but for the most part, it is a thing of the past.  Bills are still streaming in, I continue to have some residual numbness in the sides of my chest that may or not may change over time, and of course aesthetically I am still healing, but I am okay with all of this.  

In regards to the symptoms though, I am back to my old self.  It feels almost unreal to say that!  Since the surgery on November 2nd of last year (so, 5 months ago), I have not had any bouts of fatigue.  My brain fog is gone!  I mean – COMPLETELY GONE!!!!  I am clear headed with energy!  My hair has stopped falling out.  No unexplained joint pain.  I have not had any flare ups of the Costochondritis – which to me was shocking as I expected to have a flare up as a result of the invasive work that was done to my chest or even triggered by the stress surrounding the procedure and recovery.  I also have not fallen into any deep periods of depression.  Although, to be 100% honest, I do feel like I have been going through an existential crisis of sorts, which is another article altogether, but it is not the same as the overarching depression I had felt in the past.  I feel like I have a new lease on life and answers to why I felt so poor in the past.  

Going into the explant surgery I was not 100% sure that this would be the answer, but I knew that in order to have a fair baseline, I needed to go through with it.  The recovery process beat me down and had me question every decision I had ever made related to my health.  But in the end, with enough time behind me and enough care to my body, I now can say confidently that the breast implants were without a doubt in my mind influencing my body negatively and I am so glad to have them out.  This will not be the experience of every individual with breast implants.  Some women are very lucky and never have a bad day after implants, but there are others of us that experience these adverse effects to our health and I want people who may be suffering to know that it is real and there is an answer.  

And to others out there that have health issues that may not be related to implants, do not stop being your own advocate.  No one knows your body better than you do.  You must advocate for your health, but you also must be honest with yourself about the way you treat your body.  Sometimes all we need is a major lifestyle overhaul.  It was when I started eating fresh, healthy, unprocessed foods daily, getting adequate sleep, removing stressors and toxins, and exercising regularly and still suffering significantly that I could authentically listen to my body and hear it screaming that something was truly wrong.  After that, finding a group of supportive women and getting my family on board was crucial.  Not everyone has that gift, but there is usually some sort of support out there – you just need to look – or ask.

Since recovering from surgery, I had the opportunity to take on a major fundraiser at the children’s school which wound up being more time consuming than a full time job, but highlighted how successful the surgery was.  I’ll write more about the actual fundraiser in another article, but I used my brain in ways that I hadn’t in so long.  I partnered up with an awesome individual and we dove headfirst into a sea of spreadsheets, developed creative campaigns, designed a plan for food, decor, and entertainment, and managed an incredible team of parents for a wonderfully successful event supporting the school.  My brain was able to meet the challenge and not only did I meet the challenge, I thrived!  I felt better than I had in years.  And on top of that, I started getting up at 6 am to do a daily HIIT workout while doing the fundraiser.  The biggest evidence of my success though, was my husband making mention of how much better I was doing.  When he notices the change, I know it is major!

All I can say, is it’s great to be back 😉  Hugs to everyone who supported me through this journey.  Thank you for your love and support.  No matter how big or small – it all added up and I’m grateful.  Now, my focus is on the next phase of my life.  We are refocusing our efforts on healthy eating, fitness, and sleep.  I’ve even got talked into throwing myself into the Marine Corp Marathon Lottery this past month, by my crazy sole sister and marathon partner – Danielle, and we BOTH GOT IN!!!!  So I am starting my training today – and on that note, I will wrap this up.  I am so excited to write more about life and our journey soon!  Love to all!

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  • Reply Linette 04/10/2017 at 1:59 pm

    OMG. I had NO IDEA. This is a truly inspiring story. I pray for you and wish you all the best. You and your family deserve it. I don’t know if you know my story or where I have been? That’s why I didn’t know. I LOVE YOU and miss you all dearly.

    • Reply Jess 04/10/2017 at 2:16 pm

      Hi beautiful!!! No reason to know! We all go through our life journey and some things we know about each other, and other things we don’t. I know you have been on your own journey, albeit a little while since I’ve heard an update, but you had shared a lot with me before we moved. We miss you too! I hope your own life journey has gotten easier and that you have a found a new love for life. I think about you often. Hugs.

  • Reply Chris Christian 04/10/2017 at 7:11 pm

    Jess, thank you for this story. Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 weeks ago, and is undergoing double surgery on May 18, with implants to follow 6 months later. She is looking for someone to talk to about the process without the drama. Her doctor has instructed her to not listen to other people’s horror stories, but she needs someone to factually explain what will happen. I have shared this story with her. Thank you again for your honesty and openness.

    • Reply Jess 04/11/2017 at 9:28 am

      Oh Chris. That is heartbreaking. I am so sorry to hear and please send our best to Ellen. We will be praying for you. She is welcome to contact me. I don’t have experience with breast cancer, but I can tell her what I know regarding implants and explants and am always an ear to listen. Sending our love.

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