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With my wrist healed and our workload lightened a bit, we have re-embarked on the 108 day yoga challenge.

The last time we began this journey we did most of our exercise at night before bed.  This time, we are changing things up a bit and have committed to morning workouts.  So, at 6 o’clock in the morning we get up and do an hour of yoga before starting our day.

We are 10 days into the program and are so glad to be back on our daily yoga path.  That said, we have hit a few obstacles along the way.

Modifying our morning routine has definitely been the biggest change.  We have to be very mindful of going to sleep on time. And realistically, we need to go to bed even earlier than I would have assumed we need to. With all of the extra physical exertion  we are asking of our bodies, eight hours just does not seem to be enough!

Despite averaging about eight hours of sleep per night currently, it looks like we may need to readjust and increase our sleep by 30 minutes to an hour for our bodies to recoup.  I have noticed both my husband and I being a little bit extra cranky as we get used to this adjustment, which definitely is a sign of sleep deprivation.

We have also chosen to make some compromises to the program so far. For example, on Saturday, our schedule was so hectic that we decided to combine Saturday’s and Sunday’s practice and simply do both practices on Sunday (one in the am and one in the pm).  And just this morning, we were so exhausted that we decided an extra half an hour of sleep was more beneficial and chose to focus only on the ab work in the morning and do the strength training in the evening.  Allowing ourselves this flexibility makes the 108 days more manageable.

Another flexibility I have provided to  myself at this time is leniency on the common sense diet portion of the program.   Ideally, we would follow this to the letter, but right now with the adjustment of our time schedule and so many obligations on our plate, I am not quite ready to give up my coffee again or completely cut out refined sugar.  These are both elements that I’m going to work towards decreasing and hopefully terminating within the next month or so, but I have to be realistic with my goals.  As long as I am walking forward in the right direction than I consider it successful. I will eventually get there, even if I go a little bit slower than I would like.

On a positive note, doing the exercise first thing in the morning is awesome, because when the day comes to an end you know that you’ve completed one I the nuggets tasks already. Before, it would be the one thing looming that we had to finish before we could go to bed.

Practicing yoga in the morning also refreshes us and puts us in a really great state of mind to start our day.   We both feel more present and mindful.

In regard to the fitness aspect. I continue to be blown away by the program.  Within the first week I’ve already noticed changes within my body.  Exercises that I was unable to do the first time we embarked on the challenge I am now doing with ease. I have already noticed an increase in muscle definition in my arms and shoulders and the flabby skin under my arms is tightening up.

I love how this program, and yoga in general, works the entire body, but also focuses on your mind and spirit.

I have decided not to do the daily blogging of the program as it is just too much for me right now, but I will do periodic check ins.  I am eager to see how the rest of the program transpires. We had to stop prematurely last time due to an unrelated injury and never made it to the second phase.   I look forward to introducing all of the new aspects of the program.

If you have any questions about how it is going feel free to comment and I will update in my responses.

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