The Hidden Benefits of Watermelon



It is almost summer time and as the temperatures rise the need for refreshing treats are on the rise too.  My go to summer (and spring time) snack is without a doubt watermelon!  It is a low calorie and guilt free sweet treat that seems to hit the spot for me every time.  With a humble 45 calories per cup, the watermelon boasts wonderful health benefits including”

  • Choline – works as a anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant which helps combat cancer and reduce asthma
  • Vitamin A – aids in skin and hair growth
  • Vitamin B – needed for energy production
  • Sodium and Potassium – which help replace electrolytes
  • Fiber – aids in digestion
  • Lycopene – promotes heart health
  • L-citrulline – an amino acid which helps aid in muscle recovery

And of course, watermelon is aptly name as its content is more than 90% water, which of course offers a wonderfully refreshing snack which also helps in preventing dehydration.

In our household we love to eat plain watermelon that has been either sliced or diced.  I also enjoy juicing watermelon for a light and refreshing taste that mixes well with my greens and a bit of either pineapple, apple, or grapes.  I often freeze pre-cubed watermelon as well for use in my morning smoothies.  And I will also blend watermelon by itself to make a nice cold and refreshing slush drink.  There are so many wonderful recipes that involve using watermelon and you can expect that we will be exploring these in greater detail this summer!  I look forward to sharing our findings.

Now, it is important to remember that life is also about balance, so it is vital not to go overboard in watermelon consumption, as there can be negative consequences for overconsumption too, which will outweigh all these great benefits.  So remember – life in moderation!



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