Walking Forward



When I first set out to create this site I had a decent amount of flexibility in my work schedule.  I had time set aside every week to write and to take coordinating pictures to enhance each post.  There was a rhythm to my work and I even tried to work in such a way where I was always two steps ahead of myself.  Unfortunately, not too soon after launching the site I injured myself and as a result I increased my hours within my contract work at the university in order to help with the income deficit my injury had caused.   This change offered significantly less flexibility in my work hours.   The injury also caused me to be unable to take photographs for each post.  So, with a decrease in time set aside for writing and the inability to photograph at this time, the rhythm I had created came to a screeching halt.

Currently, there will be days that go by without any opportunity to sit down at my computer and write.  On these days the best I can do is jot ideas down on a scratch pad and hold onto them for another day.  There are moments when I start getting down on myself about my inability to keep up with the site due to the situation.  I start to challenge my dedication and question whether I bit off more than I can chew.  And then I remember why I started the site in the first place.  The whole premise of this site is finding balance in our lives.  My life changed and it threw me off balance, so I am currently learning to adjust within my new boundaries.  This takes time.  I have to keep in mind that my priority is my family, my job, my sleep, my nutrition, and my exercise.  Although at times I feel compelled to make the site my priority, I need to remember that until I can balance the aforementioned elements, there is no room for the extras – and this is one of life’s extras.  What I also realize is that once I do find balance, the time (albeit more limited) presents itself.

So often we adopt an all or nothing attitude in life and give up a the first sight of “failure”.  I see this a lot with clients who are trying to change habits, especially with food and eating.  They will do great for two weeks and then at the first slip up they throw their hands up and say “I screwed up.  There goes all my hard work!” and resort back to old behaviors.  What we need to realize is that these are simply obstacles.  We must become aware of them and make the conscious choice to find a way over or around the obstacles rather than choosing to turn around and give up.

The most important thing to remember is that as long as you continue to put one foot in front of the next, you will move forward.  It does not matter how large the step or how long the pause in between steps may be, if we keep walking forward, we will make progress.

I may not have posted articles as frequently as I had originally hoped, but I am offering myself compassion and understanding regarding my current situation.  And with every opportunity I am taking another step forward.  I will find my rhythm again in time.  This too is temporary.

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