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Today I take you into my refrigerator!  Of course, this is not what it looks like at any given moment in regards to specific food items, but here is a snapshot of what it looks like after a typical Sunday shopping session.


As I have quickly learned, preparation is the key to success with almost everything and healthy living is no exception!  It is so easy to fall into the convenience of fast food or processed snacks, so having a refrigerator stocked full of delicious treats is vital for the success of any healthy lifestyle.  I try to keep the healthy treats at eye level as well, so that my children are aware of their options and can pull out a portion of fruit or veggies quickly and without much help from mom.


Additionally, we juice almost daily, so having the fruits and vegetables washed and cut can make this process quick and easy.  The prepping process has been a saving grace when it comes to juicing and I can typically  prepare a fresh cup of juice for the whole family in less than 15 minutes.  This is a simple way to ensure that we are getting a healthy dose of fruits and veggies – plus my kids LOVE juicing.


Before I buy my fruits in vegetables I have a general plan for how they will be used.  I find that if I know what I am going to make before I make the purchase then I am less likely to let it go to waste.  If for any reason our plans get disturbed (i.e. run out for dinner instead of cooking) then I typically will use the vegetable for juicing the next morning if I risk it spoiling.


The makeup of my refrigerator can change on any given week depending on what is thriving in our garden, what is on sale at the market, or what is in season, but typically I have a handful of key staples.  For juicing I almost always have a large back of carrots, broccoli, lemons or limes, pineapple, watermelons, and greens (typically spinach since my kale is doing well in my garden).  I also use these staples for snacks and side dishes as well.  I also typically have eggs (both raw and hardboiled), almond milk, yogurt, and some cheeses.  My meat selection ebbs and flows – sometimes I have none and others I have chicken, meatballs, sausage, and cold-cuts.  I guess it depends on what my mood has been.  I think my internal vegetarian and my carnivorous self are almost always in battle.  😉


And finally, the top 5 tips I have for making your refrigerator inviting are as follows:

1.  Keep it de-cluttered and clean.

2.  Do not over purchase your produce. 

 3.  Have your fruits and vegetables washed and prepped for easy grabbing.

4.  Keep the food you want to focus on eating at eye level.

5.  Beware of expiration dates. 

I hope the tips are useful and that you enjoyed taking a quick peak inside my own refrigerator.  Do you have any tips and tricks of your own?  I’d love to hear!  Have any questions – please feel free to share those too!

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