Allowing Time for Healing.




It has been 4 weeks since I sprained my wrist.   This means, that with the prediction of the doctor I am about halfway through my healing process.  I have taken many steps this past month to ensure that the recovery process is as swift as possible including minimizing any lifting of items with my left hand as instructed by the doctor, soaking my wrist in warm bathes, mild stretches, use of NSAIDs to help with inflammation, and constant use of a wrist guard to prevent re-traumatizing my wrist.   I know I am on my way to recovery as the swelling and bruising is completely gone and I have the general use of my hand without pain, but I still cannot flex my hand nor can I put any pressure on it.

This injury has unfortunately put a huge halt on my 108 day Ultimate Yogi Challenge.  I was a little less than 4 weeks into the program when I injured myself (totally unrelated to yoga).  By this point I was starting to see amazing results in regards to my stress level decreasing and my overall feeling of mental balance being achieved.  I had also seen personal gains in regards to my strength and ability, my flexibility, and even physical changes to my body in terms of building muscle and slimming down.  I was hooked and I was in LOVE.  Initially after the injury I re-committed myself to the one portion of the program that did not require the constant use of my wrist – Yin Yoga.  In this program the focus is on holding poses for 3-5 minutes.  Within the first few days I noticed my flexibility improving.  I also vowed to start running on a more consistent basis again since I would not be able to do the more cardio focused yoga.

The only problem is – this did not happen.  My husband and I made it less than a week focusing solely on the Yin Yoga.  With the injury, I had to postpone photography sessions in order to give myself time to heal, so to make up for lost income I picked up another 2 days at the Counseling Center I work at.  This meant fuller days and much earlier mornings – as we have to get the kids to early morning care before we head to work.  It also means less time to work on the business tasks I have such as editing, bookkeeping, and marketing, which has now shifted to an evening activity.  At the same time as we shifted to our new schedule, my husband was elected president of our church which brought on a slew of responsibilities to his life.  As he prepared for his first counsel meeting and the annual retreat, we found ourselves sitting next to each other in the evening hacking away at our computers rather than unplugging and reconnecting on our yoga mats.

Each night we would look at each other and express how much we needed our yoga, but the hours would pass and bed time would become an urgent priority.  This has been our lives for the past few weeks.

I find myself disappointed in my behavior as I have a golden key to happiness and health lying only a few feet from me, but I continue to get distracted and make excuses about my arm or other tasks being a priority.  I help my clients regularly to work past their vices and make healthier decisions in their lives, but yet I am finding myself wandering away like a lost puppy.  So tonight, I recommit to the journey I was once on.  I recommit to my daily yoga and meditation and I forgive myself for wandering away.  My journey will not look the same as before as I cannot engage in the 108 day challenge until my wrist is better.  And for now, I need to focus on healing.

It is almost certain that we, as human as we are, will deviate from our goals – and often we get turned around completely – but it is our attitude around this deviation that is most important.  As long as we can identify that we have wandered off of our path and get back on with forgiveness in our hearts and fire in our souls then we most certainly can get back on track.

And with that I am off to hit the mat.  Namaste.

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