i (heart) Pineapple



Pineapple seems to be the main star of most of juicing lately. With its delicious sweetness and just the right a minute of acidity it pineapple seems to hide a lot of the green flavor that my kids and husband don’t like.  One of the nice benefits of pineapples is that it helps with digestion. It’s also a good source of potassium and has vitamin C and iron.


When I first started getting pineapple I was a little intimidated. I wasn’t quite sure how to cut it, But it did not take long for me to learn.  It’s important to find a firm pineapple with yellow color overall. Also – the heavier the pineapple the more juice!  To cut the pineapple, I typically start by cutting off the top and bottom giving me a firm base to rest the pineapple.  Then I slice the slides as close to the fruit as possible simply trimming the outer covering.  I typically slice the fruit into thirds cutting the pineapple from the top to the bottom and then cut strips out  of each third.

If I serve it as a snack I will continue cutting strips into cubes, or sometimes my kids just like to have a big stick. But, producing a keep it in the stick form as it makes it easier to juice at a quick pace.

For about $2.50 per pineapple, I can provide a great snack for the family, and an awesome element for our juice.  It may be a bit more work than buying prepared pineapple at the store, but is definitely worth it!


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