Your life, your story.




In my work as a counselor I often work with clients who are faced with despair and have no hope for the future.  They feel helpless, alone, and have lost all faith in anything bigger than them.  When a person falls deep within this state of despair it is often difficult to see past this.  It is if we had blinders on and cannot see past our narrow scope of vision.  This is a very scary aspect of depression.  It is often challenging to view this state as temporary, but we know (as research and personal life shows us) that these states of depression are just that.  I often remind my clients that if we stopped reading the tale of Snow White after the first chapter simply because she bites into the apple and seemingly dies, then we would have missed the entire story.  We often feel like life is over, or ruined forever, when we are faced with heartache, change, trauma, or loss, but the human spirit is strong and resilient.  We need only nurture it and watch it grow.  We all have our bad days and no one in life is spared of heartache and pain, but how we are able to shape our attitude around it determines what type of story we create.  What will your story look like?  Will it be a comedy, a thriller, a romance novel, or a mystery?  You are the author in your life, don’t let others write your story.

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