I’ve Got the Boo-boo Blues


In general, I try to stay positive about life.  I am generally in a good mood and I work really hard to try to keep stress to a minimum. That said I’m a type A, naturally anxious person, so this takes daily work.

Today though, I am sad.  I know it is a temporary feeling and my mood is probably being affected more so due to lack of sleep and hormone level, but nonetheless I feel sad.  Last week my husband, brother, and I ran the Warrior Dash and had a blast! Unfortunately, on the last obstacle I sprained my wrist.  The ironic part, is that I did not hurt myself on the actual obstacle, but the big water slide exit.  You can see in the professional photos my reaction to the impact against my wrist.


Originally I was avoiding going to the doctor because I figured it was a simple sprain (tisk tisk). But after hearing one too many horror stories of other people’s wrist injuries I decided to go get it checked out.  On a positive note, the doctor believes it is just a severe sprain, but I have to go back in a week to confirm as the doctor said sometimes it takes a while for the fracture to show.  So, this as good news.


The frustrating part, which I already knew, is that it can likely take up to eight weeks for the rest to heal. So of course the 108 day yoga challenge is now on hold; I will likely start that up again sometime in May. But…what I wasn’t expecting is that my doctor said absolutely no picking up anything with my injured hand/wrist.  Nothing! Well, I am a professional portrait photographer so not picking up my camera for two months certainly puts a damper on my ability to work.  I ended up spending my morning clearing my schedule and sending referrals to my clients.


On a positive note, I am also a therapist and I work two days a week at a local university.   Lucky for me, they need more help and my boss said I can pick up a few more days while my photography career gets put on hold.

But, despite this positive side. I still find myself feeling extremely sad.  Perhaps not so much sad, as defeated.  Again, I know this is a temporary feeling and I’m pretty good at shaking myself out of this, but it just seems like every time I start to find balance in my life something shakes it up.  I guess that is life though! That’s the reality.

So, today I am going to be sad – and maybe not even for the full day – but I am going to honor this temporary feeling. And then I’m going to pull up my boots and keep on walking because all in all life is really good. Really good.


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