The Warrior Dash



This past weekend for my 34th birthday I convinced my husband and younger brother to run in the Warrior Dash with me.  The race is a 5k with tons of physical obstacles along the course.  I learned about the race from hikers we met during a trip up to the Hike Inn in Georgie this past fall.  They encouraged us to do the race and after following up via email I had agreed and recruited two of my favorite guys.    It was my intention to do some training for the event, but in all honesty I did not end up doing one thing to prep for the race.   I simply hoped that my active lifestyle and daily yoga would get me through it.  And luckily it did.

thehourglassproject_warrior_dash_002The race was a lot of fun, but it was a challenge.  The course was on a dirt path used for off-road 4 wheeling.  They spray the course down with water to make it muddy and then dig out sections to make mud pits to run through.  This was my first time running in the mud and in soaking wet shoes.  As the course continues we encountered obstacles such as army crawling under barbed wire, rope climbing up a massive wall, swimming in an ice cold lake, jumping over fire, and many additional climbing and crawling challenges.  I was excited to have made it through all the obstacles and was having a blast with my boys.  As we completed the final obstacle, we noticed that it ended with a huge water slide into some cold mud.  We decided to meet up at the top and slide down together.  We counted to three and down we all went.

Unfortunately, as I had propelled myself down my arms were behind me and as I went to bring them in front of me I smacked the back of my left wrist against the plastic slide as I bulleted down.  THWACK.  I hyper-flexed my wrist.  I landed in the ice cold water with my wrist up in the air and proclaimed “I think I broke my wrist”.  We had made it through all those grueling obstacles and I hurt myself on the slide.  We headed over to the medic.  Luckily, it was just a sprain and my wrist wasn’t actually broken.

On a funny side note, when we got to the medic they asked me how old I was and without a pause I said “28”.  Then I thought to myself, “wait, I just had a birthday I’m….” and then it occurred to me…”I’m 34!”.  I laughed so hard – I had no idea where the number 28 even came from.  My husband laughed and said “Are you sure you only hit your wrist?”.


It is disappointing that I hurt myself and my 108 day Ultimate Yogi Challenge is going to have to be greatly modified until my wrist heals, but I am still so glad I completed the race.  It was such a wonderful day and it was so special to have my husband and brother with me.  I have stayed in good spirits and have not let this get me down at all.  My husband has been amazing too – making sure I am resting my wrist, getting me the right brace to wear, and even modifying his yoga practice so that we can continue to practice together.  This birthday has probably turned out to be one of my favorites thus far.  Even with a sprained wrist, I have a feeling 34 is going to be an amazing year!thehourglassproject_warrior_dash_003thehourglassproject_warrior_dash_004b

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