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I was loading up my cart the other day at the grocery store and I was taken aback at how many fresh fruits and veggies I had loaded in my cart.  We’ve always loved to have a lot of fresh produce in the house, but juicing daily has taken that to a new level.  Taking processed foods out of our diet has certainly created some challenges and forced  me to work a bit harder at planning our meals, but it has been totally worth it.  There are so many ways to incorporate into our diet.  I love the challenge!


To make sure that this lifestyle is still convenient for us, I typically pick one day a week (usually Sundays) to prep our food.  This means I load up at the market, wash and cut all the produce, and store it in snack size containers (or larger if I’m using for juicing).  I also try to think ahead of time about what I want to pack for lunches and cook for dinners, so that I have go-to menu ideas.  I want to open my fridge and have many healthy options available to me at any time.  This helps me from feeling deprived or reaching for something “easy” but less healthy.  I also pack snacks to go – trail mix, nuts, apples, bananas – or if I’m going to be gone for a while I will pack a cooler with more options such as hummus and carrots.


As someone who has historically been consumed with food, I have really enjoyed the new freedom I feel by simply making better choices.  My body feels better and so does my mind.  I don’t have feelings of guilt associated with what I eat and I no longer crave less healthy options.  In fact the few times that I have deviated have been almost void of enjoyment.  The processed food is just not as satisfying as eating fresh!




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