Recap: Days 013-016



During the program, Travis talks about how an untrained mind is like an untrained elephant – it can do a lot of damage to itself and those around them, I love reflecting on this, especially in relation to the work I do. There is so much truth to this. I feel that the yoga program is helping me calm my mind and become more focused. I’m noticing that I am more relaxed and less irritable. I am so eager to see how this shift progresses as we continue.

Food:  Today’s juice was spinach, kale, pineapple, apple, and carrots.  For breakfast I had sliced tomatoes and peanut butter with cracked pepper.  I snacked on almonds, hummus, Gluten-free Blueberry Lemon Whenever Bar.  For lunch I had homemade open faced chicken tacos with corn tortillas and homemade salsa topped with sour cream and sriracha – delicious! For dinner I made gluten free spaghetti (trying to finish an opened box) with butter and meatballs and fresh watermelon for dessert.

Exercise: The vitality program today was very good. It focused a lot on backbends and balance. I certainly have a long way to go in the balance category, but I know in the second 36 days we will introduce a program specifically targeted for balance. As my strength increases I am noticing better balance too.



Today I took my son bike riding around the neighborhood. I typically bring a chair down to the cul-de-sac and watch the kids ride around while having my tea, but I figured today I would change it up. He was so thrilled and excited to go on a bike ride around the neighborhood together it was as if I told him Christmas was coming twice this year. I am looking forward to taking him down to the trails soon. It is so exciting that the kids are getting to the age where we can do more activities we all love.

Food:  Today was a day of repeats.  We stuck to the same juice today as yesterday.  For breakfast I had tomatoes and peanut butter with cracked pepper again.  And for lunch I had the chicken tacos again. I snacked on almonds, tortilla chips and salsa, hummus and carrots, and a banana.   And for dinner we went to Outback Steakhouse and I had caesar salad, a half rack of baby back ribs, a sweet potato with honey butter and brown sugar, and to top it all of a gluten-free brownie with ice-cream…and sorry Travis, but it was good!

Exercise: This morning practice was difficult.  My focus was off and my mind was somewhere else. About half way through mountain pose I was able to focus and get deeper into the practice, but this, like the Yin Yoga is a practice I may want to make an evening event. My right leg fell asleep again during the Pranayama Meditation, but I was still able to remain focused. We completed the program in the morning when it was dark, so it was a very surreal feeling to then open our eyes after meditation and realize the sun had already risen without our knowledge.



We got a late start to today’s workout which made it a bit of a challenge. My inlaws left this morning, so we did not want to miss any extra time with them and decided to shift our workout to the evening. Unfortunately, the risk we take during the evening is getting distracted by other items on our to do list so we didn’t even start our yoga til almost 10:00 pm!  This is horrible for our sleep balance and we have some serious catching up to do.

Food: This morning I juiced apples, carrots, and a beet.  For breakfast I had peanut butter and tomatoes with cracked pepper.  For lunch I had a sweet potato and vegan chili.  And I snacked on hummus, carrots, a banana, and almonds throughout the day.  After all the meals out this week I decided to do a detox smoothie for dinner and blended chia seeds, blue berries, spinach, grape juice, almond milk, strawberry, banana, and PB2.

Exercise: If I haven’t said it enough – I am really noticing a change in my body. I think cross train points it out the most though because it encompasses all the different aspects of yoga including flexibility, balance, strength, and cardio.





My spirits are so much higher than just a few weeks ago and I know so much has to do with the sleep, nutrition, and exercise. I feel like I’m getting into a very nice balance in my life. I know the most susceptible to damage is the sleep which then knocks down the other two variables, so I’m trying to be as conscious as possible about our bedtime.  Tonight we were good about getting the kids to bed early so we could complete our workout and get ourselves to bed early as well.

Food:  My smoothie was so good last night that I made one for breakfast too, but this time I added ground flax seeds.  For lunch I had vegan chili with tortilla chips.  I snacked on peanut butter and celery, almonds, an apple, a banana, and hummus and carrots.  For dinner I sauteed mushroom and onions over rice with gluten-free meatballs.  Since I had a smoothie in the morning, we juiced in the evening; today we had apples, carrots, pineapples, beets, and beet greens.

Exercise: I think I overstretched my left side a bit as it is tender so I had to be very mindful not to overdo it tonight. I think the forced concentration on my form was good for me and helped me remain in the present. It was another good night of cardio – one of my favorite, yet most exhausting programs.


Click her for a link to the Ultimate Yogi Workout Program.

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