Words of Encouragement



We all have those days where we just need a little extra nudge of encouragement.  Last week, despite feeling that my mood was improving, I felt vulnerable for putting myself out in the public eye and a little overwhelmed adding one more thing to my already full plate.  With my in-laws in town and it being a holiday weekend, my normal work flow was disrupted which left me feeling a bit off balance.  When I’m off balance I tend to turn inward and beat myself up.  I started questioning my ability to meet my personal goals and started convincing myself that my efforts were being wasted since no one would have any interest in reading what I had to say.  Luckily, I quickly remembered that I was not doing The Hourglass Project for anyone but myself and that I could indeed go at my pace, finding my balance along the way, and that this venture brings me great joy.  That said though, while I was in this funk I ran to Ross quickly with my mother to pick up birthday gifts for the parties we had that weekend and some long sleeved shirts for my MIL who had packed for the 80 degree weather we had the previous week.  As she looked for clothes I quickly perused the clearance aisle and saw a shirt that sang to my heart.  It said “Never give up”.  The shirt was a workout shirt made of amazingly soft material and was navy blue with lighter blue writing.  I loved it!  But my negative thoughts quickly chimed in and reminded me that I could not justify spending money on a shirt today and that I shouldn’t be looking in the first place.  I walked away.  Then for some reason, I turned around and walked back.   I was trying to convince myself that I could indeed justify the shirt – I had already envisioned myself on my yoga mat with my brand new soft shirt on doing my daily practice – so I turned the price tag around to see how much it was.  I could not believe my eyes.  $1.49!!!!  Seriously one dollar and forty nine cents!  This amazingly soft fitness shirt, in my size, in my favorite color, with a message that felt written directly for me was only $1.49.  I grinned ear to ear and my heart lightened.  It wasn’t just about the shirt, it was so much bigger than that, this was a gift of encouragement from above right when I needed it.



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