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We purchased our juicer a few years ago when we were trying to implement healthier strategies in our lives.  The kids were about 2 and 3 at the time and although they enjoyed drinking the juice, it seemed like such a process to get the juicing done.  We did it intermittently for a bit before we retired the juicer to the pantry and used the vacant space on the counter for the Keurig.  Despite being completely caffeine free for years I quickly became hooked to coffee.   I made my way to 3-4 cups a day just to get through.  I loved the smell, the taste, and the warmth – and in truth I still do!  What I did not love though was the feeling of dependency.  Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a cup of coffee here and there or even daily – in fact some studies show that it has positive effects on your healthy, but I do have an issue with feeling dependent on anything.  So when the yoga program challenged participants to be “stimulant free”  I gladly traded in my Keurig in for my juicer.  With the help of my husband and kids we have been successfully juicing every single day.  We work together as a team with prep and cleaning so that we can get it all done without too much time taken out of our morning.  We cheers everyday to good health and enjoy our awesome concoctions – admittedly some days more than others.  Since the kids help me with the juicing process, they are invested and love to reap the reward of drinking the juice.  They have even finished their full glasses of not so tasty combinations without too much fuss.  Here are some tricks and tips I’ve learned thus far about juicing..

1.  Not all combinations are equal.  Make sure to balance your veggies with your fruits.  Apples, pineapples, and ripened mango work well to hide the taste of bolder veggies.


2.  Prep your fruits and veggies by washing them when first purchased.  Store them all together and have them ready to go.  An apple cutter/corer is an awesome way to save time too!


3.  If you have room, store your juicer in plain site on your counter top.  Out of site is out of mind.  Make it hard to avoid juicing.


4.  Do a little research when trying new fruits and veggies.  Certain combos are not good for you (i.e. beets alone, or beets with calcium rich veggies).


5.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.  The only way you’ll know what you like is by experimenting.  Everyone’s pallet is different – figure out what you like.


6.  Get your family involved!  The more engaged they are the more invested they will be in the result and in their health.  My kids LOVE juicing which makes me smile.


There are a lot of various juicers out there that can range greatly in price.  If it seems a bit pricey at this time, you may want to even check out used juicers on E-bay or Craigslist.  I recommend reading various reviews on consumer sites to get other individuals’ opinions.  We have a Champion Juicer which works great, but it’s definitely not the only good option out there.  I’d love to hear your own experience with juicing.  Have any tips or tricks of your own to share?  Any amazing combinations you would recommend?  Please share in the comment section 🙂

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