Our Before Pictures


As we prepared for the 108 day journey we have now embarked upon, we went ahead and took some before pictures.  The image quality is low as they were taken with my iPad in the evening before we started our yoga practice, but I did want something to be able to reflect back on in April when we complete the program.  I would say that my husband and I are in decent shape.  We eat pretty well and we are an active family.  That said, it’s been a while since we were consistent with our workouts.  We have completed various Beach Body Programs in the past including P-90 (not X) and Chalean Extreme (my favorite) and I have trained for a half and full marathon (back in 2013).  Although my husband’s weight stays pretty regular, mine has definitely varied over the years.  I’m not specifically doing this program to lose weight, but I am looking forward to the benefit of strengthening my body and toning up overall.  I am also really looking forward to increasing my flexibility.  Back in high school I used to dance and could kick my legs up to the sky and do splits, but now I am lucky to be able to touch my toes on a forward bend.  I laugh when we have to open up for a wide leg forward stretch and I can barely make a 90 degree angle.  I wish I had started yoga at 18!  Here are my before images:


My husband on the other hand is probably as flexible as he has ever been.  He has been practicing yoga more regularly than me.  When he first started he could not even touch his toes.  He still has a lot of room to grow, but I’m always secretly (now, not so secretly) impressed with him as I glance over to him on the mat and witness his progress.  He is very strong and has a lean body type, so as his flexibility increases I think he will really thrive in yoga.  He definitely has expressed experiencing a decrease in stress since practicing yoga regularly.  Here are his before images:


I’ve never posted a before picture and honestly I feel a bit odd and exposed, but I keep reminding myself that we all have to start somewhere and perhaps this will give someone else the inspiration they need to get started on their own wellness journey.  At the very least I think taking the pictures will help us correct our form!  I look forward to seeing our progress at the end of the challenge.   As far as our 108 day journey, I will be posting recaps every few days with my daily thoughts, food choices, and feedback on the exercise.  If you are following the program, I’d love to hear how it is going for you as well.


Click her for a link to the Ultimate Yogi Workout Program.

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