Today we hit the mat.



Today my husband and I are starting our 108 Ultimate Yogi challenge.  As the name illustrates it’s 108 days of amazing yoga practice.   The program is designed and led by Travis Elliot, a yoga instructor from California.  The 108 days are broken up into three 36 day periods in which you alternate different yoga courses daily.  The programs include classes such as flexibility, strength, detox, relaxation, and gentle yoga.  Travis also encourages a commonsense diet during the hundred and eight days which simply means cutting out refined sugars, stimulants, and other foods and beverages that are not so good for you.

I found the program kind of at random. I’m not necessarily new to yoga, but I’ve never really been consistent with it. My husband is a little bit more diligent in his practice and tends to do a short night time yoga routine on a regular basis.  He encourages me to do it as well, but the DVDs that he has do not really speak to me.   I recently took a class with a friend at a local hot yoga studio which I found totally exhilarating.  I loved it and it riled me up to start yoga again.  Unfortunately time constraints, financial constraints, and childcare constraints tend to make it very difficult for me to attend classes regularly.   So I kind of gave up.

Luckily, the universe had not given up on me!  One night, I randomly clicked on an email sent by a shopping site I’m a member of and I randomly started cruising their yoga section.  In it I found Travis Elliott’s The Ultimate Yogi (UY).  It peaked my interest so I read the raving reviews, watched a few YouTube videos, perused his site, viewed his Instagram page, and read threads from his Facebook.   I was convinced.  This is it.  This is exactly what I needed – and it was on sale!  I bought it right then and there and as soon as it came in I wrapped it and put it under our tree for Christmas.
With the chaos of the holidays we returned home eager to start the program, but we knew that the online UY community was not starting their 108 day challenge till January 8.   We thought it may be helpful to have a community supporting us through this process as 108 days is a large commitment.  We also had a big wedding weekend to get through the first week of January and thought it might be difficult to start with such an obstacle at the very beginning.   So we decided to wait til today, but we did take the DVDs out for a test ride.  And let me tell you, they are amazing!

We only did 4 days before putting it on hold till today, but I can say that Travis is a great instructor.  He guides the class through the poses very well.  The flows are relatively simple, but still provide a significant challenge as you go deeper and deeper into each pose and as you work on your speed of transition and agility.  Each workout is a little over an hour, but they go by at a decent pace.  Today we will start the challenge with the Cross Training class followed by Hardcore, which focuses on the abdominals, and then end with a 10 minute mindfulness meditation.



Eventually my husband and I would like to flip the table and start doing our  yoga in the morning before the kids awake, but for now, we are on the opposite side and do it once they are in bed.  One thing I can say about doing it in the evening though is that I sleep so hard once I am done.   I am really looking forward to a truly restful night of sleep this evening.  Good luck to all the Ultimate Yogi participants who are starting today (or close to!).  I cannot wait to hear about your journey as well!

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  • Reply stephanie 01/26/2015 at 7:44 pm

    I am doing UY108 also – same schedule as you – similar history with exercise. I’ll be following your posts – very interested to compare your experience to mine. I feel like I am getting stronger but not necessarily more flexible. Strength is BY FAR the toughest class so far and the only one I cannot get thru without taking a couple of breaks. I do most of my practice early in the morning – before the kiddos are up. I am not a morning person – but I ALWAYS feel fantastic afterwards and find I am far less stressed and more calm than before I started. I am loving it so far.

    • Reply Jess 01/26/2015 at 8:00 pm

      That’s awesome Stephanie. I’m eager to see how you progress as well. I think the flexibility will probably take the most time and agree with your assessments completely! I am loving it too. I am seriously hooked! 🙂

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